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Basic Learning Kit 3-5 Yrs

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Product Description:

A variety of tools and games to ensure the fun and benefit of your child


5 diverse games in arithmetic, language, science and creative thinking, you will find in one box to develop your child's skills and enhance their mental and motor abilities

 1- Learning Counting and Sorting Colors Educational Set 36 Pieces

KEY SKILLS: Color recognition, sorting, counting, matching, and decorating are all perfect skills to learn with colorful animals and their matching cups

Fine Motor Skills and Hand Eye Coordination: Great tool for students with special needs, children with autism, and students who have problems with motor skills. Recommended by occupational therapists and preschool teachers. Tongs allow students to grab and hold small items while placing them in mugs or balancing them over an upside down mug

Math skills: These aids start with counting and numbers but can then be used to start math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Great for students who need visual manipulation to help learn their skills


 2- Giant Alphabets

By using these giant colored cards with drawings on both sides, you can help your child learn the Arabic alphabet, so that he can read and spell its first words. These cards are designed for parents who want to give their children a good start in the first stages of education


 3- Magical water coloring - dinosaurs

4- Wooden animal puzzle

5- English learning cards

A set of amazing flashcards to introduce preschool and kindergarten children to the English alphabet. The bright pictures and bold letters attract the child's attention and aid in interactive learning. These flashcards are great teaching tools for young learners as they enhance their vocabulary and visual learning abilities.

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