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  • Creativity Straws 800Pcs
  • Creativity Straws 800Pcs
  • Creativity Straws 800Pcs
  • Creativity Straws 800Pcs
  • Creativity Straws 800Pcs
  • Creativity Straws 800Pcs

Creativity Straws 800Pcs

Creative Thinking Games

AED 129.00

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Product Description:

The Creativity Straws game is one of the best games that can develop effective communication skills among the team members, it focuses on the importance of teamwork and communication among team members to achieve the goal and beat the challenge, in Creativity Straw's game the team uses the straws and their connector to construct and build the form required from them.

The total number of pieces in this kit is 800 pieces (Straws + connectors)

 The challenges:

 Creativity Straws provide the ability to exercise freely. It supports learning by experiment. It is an educational strategy that creates simulations in a learning environment similar to real-life situations through the use of training games and applying principles of learning by trial and error. The volatility of the trainee from a negative recipient of educational materials to a positive actor that enhances his attention strengthens his memory, stimulates him to make decisions and complete tasks in addition to compromising and resolving disputes.

The use of creativity straws for children allows them to discover their capabilities and develop them as they are used as a means to help in the interaction of the child with the elements of the environment and its components for the purpose of learning and developing his personality and behavior.


The total number of pieces is 800 pieces (Straws + connectors)


  • Distinguishing shapes
  • Set small goals
  • Evolution of imagination and creativity
  • Continuity of tasks and a sense of accomplishment when completing the installation of the parts

A large group can benefit from and enjoy the creativity straws of different ages and educational groups. Creativity straws can be used to:

  •         Training courses

  •         Schools

  •        Parties and events

  •        Individual development

  •         Teamwork and team building

  •       Institutions and companies

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