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Enjaz Notebook

Creative Thinking Games

AED 47.00

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Product Description:

Suitable for annual, monthly, weekly and daily planning

 Divided by weeks and months

 Section for following personal habits (Dima)

 Motivational phrases and quotes that fill you up with hope and drive to work

Pages for monthly and yearly assessments and free writing pages

 Pages on achievements and reading achievements,

 Enrichment articles and motivational phrases

Growth page contains 4 menus to help you grow and develop yourself:

Explorations ... to write down 10 things you want to know and search for during the month.

Skills .. to record the skills you are working on building during the month and the skills you want to enhance or pursue a skill you have acquired.

- Videos and audios ... to write 10 visuals or audios that support your goal during the month.

Includes 2 poster pages to decorate your notebook.

Size (A5)

21 * 14.8 cm

 256 pages

Same content different covers 

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