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  • Leadership Ball (Arabic)
  • Leadership Ball (Arabic)
  • Leadership Ball (Arabic)

Leadership Ball (Arabic)

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AED 63.00

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Product Description:

Leadership Ball is a goal-oriented leadership training game. The Leaders Ball contains 32 unique questions about leadership and leadership styles. These questions help you discover your own leadership and identify the driving mechanisms of others. The Leaders Ball game is a collective game in which players throw the ball to each other and each participant, when holding the ball, answers the question that is under his right thumb. After answering the question the ball is tossed to another participant and the participant, in turn, when holding the ball answers the question that is under their right thumb, and so on.

Goals of the game:

  • Discover your leadership style.
  • Learn best practices in leadership.
  • Socialize with other participants.
  • Break the ice.
  • Activate lectures and courses.
  • Build the team.
  • Break the routine.

    Everyone loves Leadership ball:



    Department directors

    Event organizers

    Heads of Departments

    Team Leaders




    business men.

    Everyone who is interested in education and training. 

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