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Pipe Line Train

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Product Description:

It's time to find out about one of the best educational and team games!
The pipeline game is a smart and effective motor training games in training in leadership skills and teamwork, and it is suitable for every place and time as it is suitable for most ages (from 14 to 50 years). The groups compete in the pipeline game to move the balls from the starting point to the end point using the pipes as quickly and possible as possible and the winning group is the one that succeeds in delivering the ball to the end point through the pipe stream as quickly as possible.
Pipeline game is suitable for training sessions, events and conferences, for employees of companies in work environments g for family and social events, buy now the wonderful pipeline game and enjoy the activity, interaction and purposeful fun.
Objectives :
  • Leadership and team building.
  •  time management.
  •  communication skills.
  • Planning and leadership.
the challenge :
All team members must form a duct using pipes to deliver the ball to the finish basket as quickly as possible.
How to implement a pipe train game?

Contents of the game bag:
• 8 tubes of different colors
• 5 balls (different size).
• a small basket.
• Elegant bag for collecting contents.
• Educational guide.


Time: 10-25 minutes

Players: 8 members of the team
Physical effort: 6/10
Mental effort: 4/10
Environment: inside / out (more space is preferred)

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