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Product Description:

 Give the trainees and participants in the lectures, training courses, and special lessons to live a new experience of its kind through the Toobeez game!

Toobeez is a life-sized construction building system comprised of interlocking tubes and spheres that can be linked together to create anything imaginable, from a simple cube shape to a complex structure like a lemonade stand, house, airplane or submarine. Just connect, twist and create! Challenge competing teams to exercise creative problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills. Build your own team-building exercise or use one of the separately sold Toobeez Activity Guides to conduct and debrief a terrifically fun team building experience (10 minutes to 2 hours). Toobeez system is used by educators, team building/training professionals, occupational and recreational therapists, camp counselors, Boy and Girl Scout troops, church youth groups and the list grows every day. There is even a group of forward thinking dog trainers who use Toobeez to create challenging courses for agility training (we're not making this up)! 

Don't hesitate too much buy now the awesome Toobeez game, which will add a lot of fun, excitement and constructive interaction to your training sessions and educational lectures.



  • Developing effective communication skills among members of one team
  •  Enhance the skill of solving problems in an effective manner
  • Strengthening creativity skills
  • Highlighting the importance of cooperation among team members to achieve the best performance.

How to implement the Toobeez game?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Toobeez game is that they have unlimited possibilities, especially with regard to team building and creative training, as the idea of ​​this game depends on how members of one team cooperate with each other as if they were one person. To accomplish the task required of them so that:

 Then use the pieces of the game to carry out the task required by the team.

The winner is the team that can perform the mission as quickly or as required.

Each team is divided into 2-25 people.

toobeez has more than 60 activity like:

 Robotwriter activity 

Toobeez Robotwriter maze

Toobeez corporate team building activity

Toobeez fun teambuilding

Toobeez group size chart

Toobeez math middle school

Toobeez physical education middle school 

Toobeez language arts middle school 

Toobeez occ-therapy-special needs book.co

Toobeez recreational therapy seniors book 

Contents of the game bag:

The game bag contains many high quality pieces which include the following:

32 tubes of various colors.

20 balls.

4 curtains.

Game implementation instruction booklet.

Bag for storing contents

 Online instruction booklet

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