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Creative Thinking Games

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Seven Essential and Highly Interesting Training Games, for those seeking excellence in providing training courses, tutorials and interactive activities. To Develop Leadership Skills, Team Work, Effective Communication Skills & Planning Skills.

The Package consist of 7 games

=         Three creativity Balls (a Leadership ball, Ice breaker ball, and if you were ball): an interactive group game in which participants throw the ball to each other in turn. The participant who catches the ball gets the chance to answer one of its life coaching questions. When a participant holds the ball, they have to answer the question that is under their right-hand thumb. Afterward, they should throw it to someone else, who will answer the question under the right-hand thumb and so on

=         Rug and balls involve the team attempting to drop the colored balls into the corresponding holes. This game provides an exciting, interactive experience for all participants. A key characteristic of the game is the number of real-life applications it provides; these relate to improving teamwork, planning and communication skills for team members of all ages.

=         The Pipe Train requires the team to form a continual route for the ball to reach the target using one piece of pipe each. This game is one of the most effective for enhancing leadership and smart solutions. It is suitable for all ages and provides participants with an exhilarating yet challenging experience.

=         The Infinite Loop game is a distinctive creative game that encourages creative thinking, and enhances the teamwork skills, communication skills and problem-solving abilities of the participants; The Infinite Loop game is suitable for various ages and group numbers. In The Infinite Loop, game participants work together to solve the mystery of the ropes and disengage from each other.

=         101 Expressions is a collection of 101 carefully selected card images that incorporate a wide range of different multi-content images. The images help users to express feelings, ideas and thoughts and express each person's own views. An excellent and effective tool, 101 Expressions helps coaches and teachers by encouraging students and participants to express themselves in a creative way and to increase interaction and openness between individuals and groups.

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